Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Terminal C VIP lounge (International)

The cost of service in Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Terminal C VIP lounge (International),RUB

Passengers Basic Urgent
1 adult 34000 34000 40200 40200
2 adults 32550 32550 40200 40200
3 or more adults 32000 32000 40200 40200
Child up to 12 years 50% 50% 50% 50%
Infant up to 2 years 0 0 0 0

Reservations submitted after 22:00 on the eve of the day of order, will be urgent.

About lounge

Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Terminal C VIP lounge (International)

VIP lounge in Terminal C, serving international flights both on departure and on arrival, is located on the 1st floor, in the left wing of Sheremetyevo airport  (to the left of Terminal B), it has separate entrance with the possibility of individual access by vehicles (parking is paid - 2500 rubles / 1-2 hours, each subsequent hour - 2000 rubles, first 10 minutes free).

Departure procedure:

For entering the VIP lounge you need to contact the reception desk, tell the flight number and your name. We recommend to arrive at least 1.5 hours before your flight. All passengers departing on international flights will be able to check in and check in the luggage in the VIP lounge. After that passengers will be escorted by the agent to the common room for passport control and pre-flight inspection (aviation security). Passengers pass customs and border control independently.

Arrival procedure:

While leaving the aircraft, passengers are met by a VIP lounge agent with a VIP sign. The passenger must meet the agent and tell the last name and the direction which he arrived from.

After meeting all VIP passengers who arrived on the same flight, the agent accompanies them to the common room for passport and customs control (in case of long-distance parking they will be provided with a separate transport to the terminal). Customs and border control are passed independently. Then passengers will be accompanied by an agent to the luggage claim in the VIP lounge.

Transit passengers who are foreign citizens cannot cross the border of the Russian Federation without the relevant documents (visa, diplomatic passport, other permits), respectively, cannot book VIP lounges upon arrival. In this regard, it is possible to book only Business Lounges that are located in the transit zone. In the case of booking VIP lounges upon arrival, without permission to enter the Russian Federation, it is not possible to provide a full service and funds, without timely cancellation, are not refundable.




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