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Business lounge Terminal B (vnutr.) biznes-zal Kandinskiy

The cost of service in Terminal B (vnutr.) biznes-zal Kandinskiy, rub.

Passengers Basic Urgent
Departure Departure
1 mature 2600 2600
2 mature 2600 2600
3 mature and more 2600 2600
Child up to 12 years 50% 50%
Child up to 2 years 0.00 0.00

About lounge

Business lounge "Kandinsky" is located in terminal "B", in the transit zone, after passing through customs and passport control, on the 3rd floor, opposite exit No. 114. The hall covers an area of ​​1,520 sq. m, the number of seats - 295. Works around the clock.. At the service of the visitors of the hall is a dining area with a large selection of food and drinks according to the "buffet" system, a recreation area, a playroom for children, luggage storage. The price includes a stay in the business lounge for no more than 4 hours. If necessary, it is possible to extend through the ticket office of the hall.

Lounge location