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The Seller of the Service is a legal person company VIRGINIA set up according to the Russian Legislature 1117746780580 dated 04.10.2022 (further refferred to as COMPANY).
The Buyer of the Service is a physical person an Internet user registered in the reservation system on the site of the COMPANY. To use the reservation system the legal persons shall first conclude the agreement. Using the reservation system the Buyer forms his application for the Service himself and sends it to the COMPANY. The COMPANY confirms the receiving of the application by giving it a unique ID number, after that the Buyer gets access to payment. The application shall not be considered without payment. The Buyer is responsible for the flight information . In case of wrong flight information the COMPANY cannot guarantee the performance of the application. So, please leave your telephone number and e-mail for urgent connection.

The payment

The payment can be made through the following bankcards:


payment through bankcards in the Internet is made by readdressing to the site of the CHRONOPAY web payments system. Within CHRONOPAY the security of payments is ensured by SSL Protocol for transmitting confidential information from the BUYER to the CHRONOPAY server for further processing. Further information transmission is made through closed banking nets of the highest security level. The receiving and processing of the BUYER's confidential information (card requisites, registered information etc.) are made in the Processing Center and not on the COMPANY's site. So the COMPANY cannot get personal and financial information of the BUYER, including information of the purchases made in other shopping centers. By making payments through CHRONOPAY the card owner will automatically get an e-mail confirmation of the deductions of some sum of money from his bankcard.

In case of questions concerning electronic payments you can address CHRONOPAY support (available 24 hours a day): through the Internet by using 8 800 5555 66 7 (a free call) or a Moscow tel. number +7 (495)380 03 27.

The applications for VIP rooms at the Sheremetyevo formed after 21.00 are considered as urgent. Cancellations application for service at airports in Moscow before two hours (in Pulkovo three hours), the cost of the service is returned in full (incl. and urgent application). In case a passenger didnt use VIP rooms service due to the airline or airport fault his money would be returned in full to the card from which the payment had been made. Complaints are received only within 5 days after the arrival/departure. The tel: 7(495) 646-61-51 or

The information on arrivals/departures:

The passenger shall arrive at the airport not later than 1,5-2 hours before the departure and give his name and flight number at the entrance to the VIP-room (to a security). In the VIP room the passenger checks-in, leaves his baggage and goes through the customs and passport control. Before boarding (20-30 min) the passenger can be in a restaurant zone (food and drinks are paid separately). After the boarding is announced the passenger is invited to the Gate (or exit) and is accompanied to the plane.

On arrival a VIP room representative meets the passenger at the ladder with a VIP table in hand and accompanies him to the VIP room where the passenger goes through the customs and passport control. The baggage is delivered to the VIP room too.

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